Popping in on this account for a second because it’s Destiel day, and I want to give all the love to the amazing people creating incredible fanworks,  both fanfiction, and art. Since I’ve left canon behind and quit the show, I’ve become an even more fervent consumer of your creations, and I love you all so much for the amazing things you create.

Happy Destiel day, happy anniversary Dean & Cas.

Show some love to your favorite fic writers and fan artists for giving our boys infinite universes and thousands upon thousands of happy endings.


It’s round 3 of the GenreTVforAll canon same sex shipping poll, and Willow/Tara are currently losing to Xena/Gabrielle.

While Xena/Gabrielle are worthy opponents, I’d hate to see Willow/Tara go down without a fight.

Vote here, and win it for the witches! This round ends Sunday night 8/31 at Midnight EST.


Voting ends today, and Willow and Tara are losing again! Rally, Buffy fans!

Vote here X


Willow/Tara are losing in GenreTVforAll's canon same sex pairs shipping poll!

I see the Willow and Tara gifsets, I know they have fans, but the fans aren’t showing up, and they’re losing.

I’d love to see them win this, whatever your feelings are on Joss or on BtVS in general, Willow and Tara were so important, and so special.

Vote for them here. This round ends midnight EST on 8/24.

Disclaimer: I’m an admin for GenreTVforAll, but this poll is the labor of love of my co-admin Emma, and I have zero admin access to the poll, and zero ability to influence or change the results. So take this post as what it is, the impassioned plea of a fellow fan.

Regarding the stolen art for the CFN campaign

My name is Jessi, and up until the end of May, I was the main person running the Castiel Fan Network, as well as blogging on tumblr at jeremycarversweaterfetish.tumblr.com. I’m no longer running the group because I’ve left the Supernatural fandom, but because I was the person in charge during the postcard campaign, I wanted to write this. When Misha stated in interviews that he had not been approached for S10, a group of us decided to take a proactive approach, and started a postcard campaign. When our posts asking people to print out the Heart of Supernatural designs, a campaign run and created/designed by members of our group, didn’t get many notes, one of my co-admins had the idea to create an account with Touchnote where people could easily send their postcards without leaving the house, and could also donate money to purchase credits so fans who didn’t have money could send postcards as well. She set up the account and uploaded original art created by another member of our group, those postcards are the photo edit ones using images from the show itself you see tweeted by TPTB and in the original post. We also posted a set of images and graphs created by members of our group for fans who wanted more options.

However, we did say that if fans didn’t like our designs, they could upload their own, something Touchnote allows. Which is how the problem that was brought to our attention today happened.

The Touchnote account has not been used in months now. The campaign is not ongoing, and I hope that offers some reassurance to those who have been hurt.

It appears fans took it upon themselves to use fanart without permission. This was not our intent with this project, this is something I personally find abhorrent.

Hundreds of postcards were going out every day, and the account was monitored by a handful of people in order to be certain postcards containing hate were not being sent. The overwhelming majority of the cards were our original designs. Some fans uploaded the picture of Misha being pied that was tweeted today as well. And apparently, someone sent out stolen art, something none of us caught with the volume of cards going out. I hope that also offers some reassurance, the stolen art was not used en masse. It was done by an individual, and was not part of the campaign by design. That of course doesn’t change anything, even one individual stealing art hurts the artist. It hurts the Castiel Fan Network as well, because it erodes the groups credibility, and the groups ability to rally goodwill in order to support both Castiel and Misha.

We did not upload the art, we do not support the use of stolen art, and I personally, along with the person running CFN now who I passed it on to when I left the fandom, feel gutted by this happening.

I am so very, very sorry on a personal level to Euclase for this happening, and to any other artists this may have happened to without our awareness. Though again, stealing art was never the groups intent nor my own, that doesn’t erase the hurt that was caused.

I am in the process of reaching out to Euclase. The person running the Castiel Fan Network currently is taking her own steps to rectify the situation as well.

Again, I am so sorry this happened. Just to be 100% clear for anyone reading, Euclase was not part of the Misha4SPN10 campaign, nor was she ever approached by CFN or anybody else to be part of the campaign.

Though I did not upload her art myself, and did not sanction its use, because I ran the campaign, this is on me. I hope that anybody reading this doesn’t hold it against the Castiel Fan Network and their efforts in the future. The current admin for CFN was not involved in that campaign, and the group, which exists only to support Misha and Castiel, should not be judged for my own failures.

-Jessi, former admin for CFN

this will also be shared on the CFN tumblr at angelwarriorcastiel.tumblr.com

Check it out! You can let NBC know that you’re not ok with them straightwashing Constantine.

Taking a bi character and erasing their sexuality is not ok. Luckily, Eliel Cruz, likely best known to tumblr users as the guy who covered the #AskSupernatural uproar for The Advocate, has started a petition you can sign super easy.

I’m gonna be real, I don’t think the petition will change this particular show. I think the Constantine boat has already sailed for us. But I do think it’ll give the network serious pause about ever pulling something like this again. And that matters. Also, David S Goyer who is one of the showrunners for Constantine has a history of straightwashing, first with Da Vinci’s Demons, and now with Constantine, and this is a great way to let him know that sort of behavior is unacceptable.

So reblog, tweet the petition, share it on facebook, and most importantly, sign it. It takes like, 2 minutes, and that’s only if you type really really slow.

Tell NBC: Don’t Straightwash Constantine.


I’ve rejoined the world of tumblr, BUT I started a totally new account because I need to just start fresh. I’ll probably reblog a pretty minimal amount of Destiel fanart, but otherwise the blog is SPN free, and currently has a queue chock full of Lost Girl and Whedonverse stuff, as I seek out more Defiance blogs to follow, specifically those featuring lots of Irisa because she’s the best.

Anyway, you can give me a follow if you want. I totally understand if you don’t want. Different fandoms and all that.

Anyway. teenagegirlswithsuperpowers.tumblr.com

On to other shit you might care about. If you’re a fan of my fic, and wonder WTF happened, and if I’ve abandoned my stuff. The answer is no, I haven’t.

I’m still very invested in Destiel as a pairing, and am ultra supportive of fanworks because at this point, I think they’re our only hope. I’m still interested in creating fanworks of my own.

However, I’ve been battling a pretty intense depressive episode for months now. I thought I could just grit my teeth and get past it by being really determined, but that unfortunately, unsurprisingly, isn’t working. And instead of getting better, I’ve gotten worse. I’m ok, and I’m not going to hurt myself, but my brain has started prodding at me pretty badly. So, rather than try to get through this on my own, I’m getting some help. And hopefully once I get my brain back on track, the writers block that has accompanied this depression will pass, and I can start writing again. Because even beyond finishing my WIPs, I have so many ideas for new stuff, but the words just aren’t coming.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. You can still find me on twitter @jessilikewhoa and I’m still co-running genretvforall.com and our twitter @genretvforall as well. This account will return to collecting dust, so if you need me, send an ask to teenagegirlswithsuperpowers or hit me up on twitter.

Thanks for the good times.


Who she is: Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins was a member of the “Scooby Gang” and a former vengeance demon. Over a thousand years old, she was originally known as Aud and lived in Sweden. After cursing her unfaithful lover, Aud was approached by the demon D’Hoffryn with the offer of becoming an immortal demon and dedicating her life to vengeance. She accepted and was transformed into Anyanka, earning the title of Patron Saint Of The Women Scorned as she spent a millennium granting dark wishes to the girlfriends and wives of men. However, Anyanka met her downfall in 1998 when she took the guise of Anya Emerson and came to grant a wish in Sunnydale. Stripped of her demonhood by an alternate version of Rupert Giles, she lost her powers and was forced to live the rest of her life as the human Anya Emerson. Then later on, she invented the name Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins which she used from then on as a mortal human. (Buffyverse Wiki)

Why we love her: Anya was only meant to be a guest star, but Joss and fans fell in love, and she remained with the series through the final season. Unencumbered by human social conventions, Anya is outspoken and unfiltered. She has a frank approach to her sexual desires, believes in being honest above all else, and is unabashed in her love of both money and free market capitalism. The character was frequently used as comic relief, but was never made into a buffoon, and simultaneously managed to deliver some of the most heartfelt, emotional lines in the entire series. She proudly marches to the beat of her own drum, and though other characters frequently criticized her strange ways, she refused to change who she was.

Spotlight by: Jessi

[Favorite episode and quotes SPOILERS after the cut]

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I’m now done with submitting all the shows I’ve watched in full for genretvforall.

But we’ve got a long list of other shows that need submitting! Take a look at what we’ve already posted and consider submitting something for the ones that remain (or ones that we haven’t even thought of yet). 

There’s a template to help you along and then Jessi or I will come up with a photo and header.

It’s okay if you’re not an expert on the show. If you’ve watched enough that you can fill out the info with an assist from wikipedia, that’s fine. If you can’t remember or don’t know all the problematic content, that’s okay too. We’ll list it as “unknown” until someone else writes us to fill it in.

There are a lot of shows on Netflix that still need to be submitted, by the way. Many of them are just one or two seasons long, so you could knock the out in in a weekend! Just search for the sci fi and fantasy genre to get started.

I hope you’ll participate! Thanks in advance!

Seconding all of this, we can’t be a comprehensive resource without your help!

Thanks <3

Do you have a beloved show that you think fits one or more of the criteria for Genre TV For the Rest Of Us  and that you want to see included? We’re always looking for more submissions, so give us a look, and join in the fun!